Implementing Project Portfolio Management: A Companion Guide to The Standard for Portfolio Management

This book is a companion guide to Project Management Institute’s The Standard for Portfolio Management, currently in the Fourth Edition. The standard is now a principle-based standard that provides greater universality of applications. As a principle-based standard, the “how” of portfolio management is largely removed. While the “how” is context specific and therefore cannot be standardized, there is nevertheless value in understanding the various approaches. Implementing Project Portfolio Management: A Companion Guide to The Standard for Portfolio Management was written to address the “hows” that support the “what” of portfolio management.

As a companion guide to the current standard, this book is designed for three primary audience groups:


  • Business Executives – Part 1 of the book includes Chapter 1, which provides a comprehensive but high-level description of portfolio management, including the what, why, who, and how.  Other groups are encouraged to review Part 1 as well, to achieve an executive-level understanding of portfolio management.
  • Portfolio Leaders and Practitioners – Part 2 of the book, Chapters 2 to 8, offers an in-depth examination of the various performance domains discussed in the Standard for Portfolio Management – Fourth Edition. In addition, this book goes beyond the standard with additional domains and concepts that are in practice today. Each chapter offers new insights on how to apply the principles covered in the standard. As appropriate, selective tools and templates are introduced.
  • Portfolio Thinkers – Part 3, the final chapters, is designed for tinkerers and inquisitive professionals who want to look ahead and see the future of portfolios and some areas of latest development. Part 3 is a true work in progress. 

Portfolio management is a growing field, still in relative infancy. Over the course of the coming years, the authors and contributors of this book firmly believe that portfolio management will achieve significant adoption in organizations.

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